We perform research in the areas of organic, inorganic, and materials chemistry at the University of Zurich.

UZH website: https://www.chem.uzh.ch/en/research/groups/coric.html

Twitter: @CoricLab


April 2024: Control over Anion Coordination on Pd(II), Cu(I), and Ag(I) is described in Chem. Eur. J. Regioisomeric carboxylate-phosphine ligands are shown to enable control over anion coordination on Pd(II) centers. Palladium(II) carboxylates are important for C–H activation and the complexes with specific orientations of the carboxylate anion or with a coordinated carboxylic acid group provide relevant coordination models. Additionally, the spatial anion control can be extended to other metal centers.

July 2023: Congratulations to Illia for being among the poster prize winners at the 17th International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (ISMSC–2023) in Iceland. Illia's participation was supported by a Chemistry Travel Award 2023 — Platform Chemistry of the SCNAT and the Swiss Chemical Society. 

June 2023: Second PhD thesis from our group. Congratulations, Chaochen!

April 2023: Directional Ionic Bonds published in JACS. We show how to impart directionality to ionic bonds to provide an alternative to hydrogen bonds and other directional noncovalent interactions for the structuring of molecules and materials. Congratulations, Illia!

December 2022: Jyoti wins an SNSF Postdoc Mobility grant to fund her postdoc studies at the University of Cambridge. Congratulations!

July 2022: Site-selective C–H arylation ortho to small alkyl groups is described in Angewandte Chemie. Our results suggest that there is a tendency for C–H activation next to alkyl groups, which might be a general selectivity mode for C–H activation, distinct from more common sterically and electronically dominated selectivity modes.

March 2022: Jyoti defends her PhD thesis. Congratulations! Jyoti is the first PhD from our group. 

February 2022:  A Synpacts article, which provides a broader background and highlights our recent work on spatial anion control for direct C–H arylation, is published in Synlett.

October 2021: Ilija's PhD supervisor Prof. Benjamin List wins the 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Congratulations! https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/chemistry/2021/prize-announcement/

March 2021: Micha defends his Master thesis. Congratulations!

March 2021:  Zorana and Chiara join the group to work on their Master theses.

October 2020: Spatial anion control published in JACS. Our first independent paper is published in JACS. We describe the concept of spatial anion control for transition metal catalysis to enable direct C–H arylation. At ambient temperature!

January 2020:  Minhao and Illia join the group.

December 2019:  Danijel joins the group.

June 2019:  Elisa wins Forschungskredit Postdoc funding from the UZH.

December 2018: Tufan and Zhongyi join the group.

October 2018: Chaochen joins the group as a PhD candidate.

August 2018: Dongchen joins the group for an internship.

June 2018: Elisa wins Forschungskredit Postdoc funding from the UZH.

October 2017: Elisa joins the group as a postdoctoral associate.

April 2017: Jyoti joins the group as the first PhD student.

January 2017: Ilija is one of the recipients of the Thieme Chemistry Journals Award 2017.